Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bordered between infatuation and love

You see how this is,
Only when I had everything
Figured out about life,
All in place
And I notioned this was it.
Right then, you happened
In your red shirt
and blue chinos,
Sang me the songs I already loved,
Took me uphill, we both loved
Touched my face
With fingertips, so tender.
How the instant time we had
Was breathtaking, consuming and potent
How you convinced everyday,
That we're meant to be.
How I couldn't even imagine
What my life was a week back
And how I lost myself,
In crave of wanting to be yours.
Because I wanted to hold your hand
And never leave,
See your face shine
With the first morning ray,
Talk my heart out
And make you do the same,
Last longer than we did
And eventually grow up with you.
Because I didn't know
What to react
Who to handle, me or you
How not to mess up
and why to trust.
And because I found you,
Found you with that cute weird smile
'cause I found myself in you,
I thought it was worth,
Seven lives of search.
No, I don't rely on sentiments like that
I believe infatuations,
But for one little moment
I felt it for you,
I felt everything they call 'love'

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Sukhman K Atwal said...

Gave me goosebumps..