Monday, 28 April 2014

A lot does happen over a coffee

Waking out of dreams though
I drag my torso
Out to the worldly lanes
Arduously engrossed reigns

Universe insinuate prosaic,
the blue skies
the crony ties
the chirping birds
the wordly words.

I rest it by a chain
proceeding all in gain
unifying all the ages
beneath solitary bases.

I sit there,
sipping my overpriced latte,
introspecting my life
turns murky, dismal and strife

"Find that girl back in you"
Prostulates a voice,
had absolutely no clue
explored omni joist.

Another sip, 
and senses adhere the trip
Fragile life, on the dreams it fed
Bizarre fortunate it led.

I feel apathetic no longer
while I walk out of the CCD
I walk a little stronger
and a little more of free.

All this happened,
happened over a coffee,
a coffee with ME :)

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