Monday, 29 September 2014

Being Human

Then there's this day
when you find more hair 
in your comb, and the pillow
that you lay back on 
dreaming the remains of life.
Standing on the inception
of untimely losing process
that ends till
there's nothing to lose,
You feel sick of your nails,
your shadow, the touch
of your own skin and 
the stuff of your clothes.
You want no next generation,
trapped into the viciousness
of blood, emotions, tears
or even smiles, especially
the wrinkles you foresee, 
initiated over by your forehead
when you're too young to be old.
Will there be a day too,
when you finally lose
the ability to over think
or think at all,
and the grudged memories
ultimately fade, instead of
hiding under the years
of my age or pictures of time.
If so happens or not,
you long for the day
when you're no weak enough
to deal with the
randomity of being a human.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I write

In the inconsiderate world
too much in hurry to stop by
and peek into the sorrows,
I write myself
in blue dark days,
the wretched unmade bed,
the ill-lit room lights
and in loud cry of silence,
I write myself
On the table pavements,
the sheer mythical curtains.
and on the final books' pages
I write for the people downstairs,
the influential mankind,
the poverty of love
and for that now-changed-man.
I write myself, about
the old astray dreams,
the fantasies of the kid,
the stories of yesterdays
and intents of tomorrows.
I write myself 
in the emptiness of hours
on the surface of the sky
for the crave of spilling it out
about me and them.
And then I delete
the harsh uttered words,
I hide it all
under the undone pillows,
put it behind my own walls
and wipe it off my heart.
For the paradox, I picture
them as the broken ones
and I write myself
the promise of unbrokenness.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Let's Begin Again

Catch me looking at you
as I sit on the bench
next to you,
immeasurable miles
and an infinity far from you.
Walk past the time n miles.
Walk to me,
like a curious stranger
to learn my name.
Hold my hand, 
with assorted feelings 
of interminable zeal 
and fear.
Accept my smile and
credit me with one alike
as I look at you, for 
the second first time.
Out for the new story,
Let's sing those songs again
and celebrate us.
Someday, Somewhere
Let's meet again
and know each other.
This life or tomorrow night
Let's fall in love again
and rise together.