Monday, 13 June 2016

In the shadows of thick leaves
under the split rays,
amongst the free wind
and white clouds,
I'll be breathing the freshness 
of lilies and lavenders.
You'll never not know
where to seek for me,
for I'll be on the shore
beside an ocean,
my love and fear of waters.
On a random picturesque,
I, for most be smiling
at the beauty of hills
and laughing
at the wilderness of civilization,
You'll never not feel 
me, in the lonely hours
on dark winter nights
for I'll be in an empty corner,
unveiling the meaning of 
love, life and peace.
You shall never lose me,
since always, I'll be 
free as wind in the forests
handy as shells on the shores
nigh as clouds on the ridges
and deep as darkness of dusk
If you lose me still,
look for me in the poetry
and you shall always find me.