Friday, 30 May 2014

Hard Times

You do admit that,
You have that one evocative secret,
you'll never share with anyone.
And you do have days
when you feel woeful
for no apparent reason.
There is one person, you carry
the weight of, in your heavy heart.
That one confused memory,
you want to get rid of or 
live all over again at once.
For one time, 
you let down the most important person,
or the other way round.
That one moment,
when you had to let go off something,
you wanted to hold on till eternity.
One hopeless day,
when you felt utterly worthless.
One close friend,
who ditched you for your friend.
One dear thing,
you accidentally lost or broke.
One nostalgic song,
you keep on fighting with.
And atleast one pathetic time,
when you thought everything's fallen
and things were never getting better.
Kudos, you outlived that.
It's okay to feel worthless,
or confused, or sad sometimes
and not have reason for it.
You see, if
All times were happy,
No times were happy.


Anonymous said...

last two lines describes what life is all about !! gr8 piece elish!! loved it !!
- Puru

Anonymous said...

♥ it ..splendid piece..:-)

Sukhman K Atwal said...

I can relate to everything you've written
It's such a beautiful feeling <3