Thursday, 15 May 2014

Men are to be understood

With arms wrapped 
around my sensitive body,
He dived
Into the ocean of my eyes,
to the depths of my heart,
reaching to touch my soul.
I lost a little.
He pulled me even closer,
to confuse his breath with mine,
I lost a bit more.
He clicked my hair flick
behind my ear,
his fingers crossed my face
touching my cheeks.
I lost a little bit more.
I looked in his eyes,
and couldn't help
to lose even more & say it all
in just three magical words.
This time,
His arms loosened a little,
his grip over me,
He rose up from the
waters of my eyes, heart & soul
Like a lost diver
Who got afraid of losing his breath.
"We can't cross the line" he said
"We can't have attachments"
I lost it all.
I didn't understand 
why and what was said
I didn't understand 
the love I was still feeling inside,
Why his arms were still around me
And didn't understand the guy,
Who got the first pleasure 
to sniff my hair like that.
I understand it now,
that Men are meant to be understood,
not loved.‎

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