Sunday, 4 May 2014

This is Why

I'm told often, 
My poems are sad, 
My write touches
and my stories are incomplete.
Friends ask
Why I still have your stuff
When you're gone.
Why didn't I burn the pictures
in which we're still together.
Bhai says
I need to stop
reacting to it, 
and writing about it.
My heart tells me
that I deserve better, 
tells me to really delete it all.
I fail to convince them
that your stuff is reality to me, 
introduces me to life.
Our pictures are reminder
to my conscious, 
conveys me that nothing lasts forever
Not having you makes me realize, 
that what one deserves
is not what one always wants.
And I fail to tell, even with
all broken pieces of my write
that to me, you are ceaseless.
To me, you are my poetry.


jasuja saab said...

your thoughts are awesum... keep it up :)

Vicky Singh said...

The people who cherished their lives of present and future are the ones who actually lived their lives..past is history and history us alwaz written not created..think about creation everyday..

Ankush Khunger said...


Sukhman K Atwal said...

Those feelings couldn't have been carved out with any better words! <3