Saturday, 3 May 2014

Only If we never grew up

The cab starts at the doorway
So our hearts, to sink
And we all stand there
Mom flaunting the buoyancy
And me pretending
Also, that ice cream man far off
Who served us with happiness
Long enough to join the moment
Today, a part of me feels too old
To catch one cone for two of us.
I look away and I see
He looks back at mom,
From the moving car
Like the kid from his van
On first day of kindergarten
And he just smiles at me,
Smiles so intense
Smiles so wide
Smiles so sad
Smiles that often turn into tears.
Mom loses herself in,
With the disappearing car.
Only I standstill there
It feels like
The streets we strolled in
The parks we played in
The corners we laughed in
The dwelling we grew up in
Everything I stand in amidst of
Gazes at me
And tells me
Things will never be the same
And Times were never coming back.

(For Bhai : 
This is the mere two minutes moment of us getting apart when you left home for job.
I feel wonderful thinking that you're finally a grown self stand man, accompanied by the sadness of us not being together.
But that's what gives life a meaning.
Times change, Places change and So do people.
But I believe, the bond we share is eternal, beyond the distances and afar the time)


Hartesh Sethi said...

jst loved dis one... (y)

Ankush Khunger said...
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Sukhman K Atwal said...

I totally love this Elisha <3
The blend of emotions.. it's beyond beautiful!