Friday, 2 May 2014

What if I don't wake up tomorrow

Everyday I wake up
A thought keeps me drowning, 
What if I don't wake up the next morning? 
What about the dreams, 
I didn't wake up of.
The wardrobe of my fantasies, 
The car at my doorway, 
yet to be bought.
The home, I longed to live in.
How about
The confessions I never made, 
The chances I couldn't take
The regrets I owe to life
The apologies they owe to me
What about those unread books of my time
The last pages of my notebooks
The unused diaries lying there
The chronicles I wanted to give life to
And what about
The lines I wrote to myself
The unfinished stories, 
And The ceaseless poetry, 
I put my heart in.
Who'll inherit my reveries, 
my oddness, my zeal 
and the memories
that were just mine.
And what if I don't wake up tomorrow
Will it be all? 
Will it really be the end of my life?

 (This poem is a never ending thought of me, 

I want my things, all my stuff, my fantasies and my dreams to stay alive in some way or the other, even when I am no more.
I want someone to carry on with the dreams that I couldn't and fulfill them, I want someone to complete my unfinished stories. But the irony is, no one can finish those stories but me.
We can not inherit what's inside of us.
The memories, my dreams, my smile, my passion and everything related to me will pass away with me, And that's what makes me worry.)


Anonymous said...

The last pages of ur notebooks!!!
laughs we shared!!
gud going!! God Bless You!!!
-Purnima Chauhan

Ankush Khunger said...


Sukhman K Atwal said...

I love you for this one!!