Monday, 14 July 2014

The untying ties

I wake up, everyday
and I find a little changed
May be we all grow up
or may be
this is how we are.
As though the friend, who
I can no longer count on, 
for we lost us 
to ego and time.
Maybe, that's
how attachments are, we
forget the worth someday.
And bewildering it is
having the brother
who's there for me,
never here with me.
May be, that's
how relations are,of which
denotations get wiser.
She married happily, and 
I prayed the finest for her.
yet, her red & white bangles
exasperate me, while that
sister holds my hand.
May be, that's
how ties are, some are
slacked to build new ones.
We promised each other,
the span between today
and eternity, that turned
shorter than forever.
May be
that's how strings are.
The older I get,
the lesser I understand.


Anonymous said...

masterpiece !!

Elisha Chhabra said...

Thankyou so much Purnima for being a complete reader to my blog :)