Friday, 11 July 2014

"I don't understand Mayra! I was doing fine. Really fine. And when I thought I was actually getting over him, he texted me! Like seriously? He wants me to hang in there for the rest of my life just to see in case he changes his fucking mood! No, don't think I 'm crying! I'm not crying because I don't know what I want. These are tears of anger! I feel so  aggravated, he just wrote a message like he still cares for me and boom! I'm back to level zero where I have to start moving on all over again! Don't you think I'm feeling messed up again, I'm fine, it's just......" it's just that..."
"Edha, Edha shhhhh, my girl, come here. It's okay." she gave me the much needed hug while I broke down.
"This is life. It just is what it is. It's not always fair. It's never fair" she said.

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