Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Every next winter,
when we no longer
be a part of each other,
I'll send you
a blanket of my warmth
with a part of my heart.
For, out beyond the
distances and grudges,
I'll always care for you.
Every next morning,
when my last dream
will be about you,
I'll wail a tear 
in the memory of 
all times, we dreamed 
to relive in real.
For, with every rain
and all the love songs,
I'll always miss you.
Every next time,
when I'll feel forlorn 
for no reason,
I'll close my eyes
to not feel
the unfilled gap
between my fingers.
For, from every yesterday
to all tomorrows,
I'll always love you.


Yakshi said...

This so lovely <3 :')

Vicky Singh said...
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Elisha Chhabra said...


Anonymous said...

Great piece of words