Thursday, 25 February 2016

The enlightening nights

Maybe, if it was 18th again
or the inches of my body
be in right lengths and widths,
I don't want to grow
as old and as untimely
as I have been, or if
I was just capable of writing
all that never gets written,
why can't this stupid clock stop ticking!
An endless record of things gone wrong
surrounds me, as I keep tossing
in my unmade bed.
I wish I were in different country
since everything's wrong with mine,
in fact in a parallel universe,
is there any?
Maybe I'm here, in this one
to mend it, to give it more
than I can take.
I'm on to it tomorrow.
The things that can't be rightened,
followed by a zillion purposes
of life, for life.
Only if I survive the fan above me
in case it decides to plunge,
Would she cry if I die?
I told her,"We aren't friends anymore."
But nights were meant to sleep
this ain't anything like that,
also, mom promised, night sleep
could get my skin glowing
maybe that's something,
one thing that can be rightened.
And I'm back to sqaure one now.
This could go on and on
the umbras and penumbras
in the light of the night.
How much I wish though
it to go impossibly long
for night's still been kinder to me
like a noiseless friend
in the emptiness of hours
a hope
in the enormity of chaos,
flickering in the rays of darkness
black and deep,
like a brighter morning.

1 comment:

Sukhman K Atwal said...

"For the night's still been kinder to me" 😍😍😍
I so love it! You've got such a great way with words, every time I read something you've written, my brain gets tuned in accord with it.. As in, it's always such an easy and smooth flow. It comes naturally without an inch of effort 💞💕😍💞💕