Saturday, 6 February 2016


A few lot of eyes
speak for the people
who have lost you
in the process of finding you.
The only thing that can find you
on this dark winter night, is
the unmentionable,
an obscure feeling that
hasn't yet made it to any diction
but has made an immutable dwelling
inside you instead.
How it blankets you
with the immensity
of chills that can not be told
for no words would cooperate ,
so all you have is jumbled words
and no one to understand,
but you see
there's whole another world
they avow life on foreign planets,
would it be free
of love and war
and of everything on this one.
can't know, maybe
you'll never know, though
you've enclaved yourself,
whereabouts of which are alien
to the defined geographies and
to all who are out to love you
but you have come a little too far,
too far to be found.

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