Monday, 11 August 2014

The inside: It follows you

Isn't it just too hard
running away from
the memory generating
places, to shifting to
new whereabouts.
From the bygone
companionship, to
liking forsaken happiness.
From the good old, now
changed times, to
finding new tomorrows.
From all the love
melodies and playlists, to
nothing and emptiness.
And when you're there,
you find your core
loaded with
the innumerable memories
of people you left behind,
the ten digits you deleted
everywhere but your mind.
the echoing songs, you're
now afraid to listen to.
and the same old
hopeless you.
Isn't it just too
impossible to run away
from yourself?


Hartesh Sethi said...

Commendable.. Bt could make it more better and gloomy.

Sukhman K Atwal said...

Almost makes me cry... I can so extremely relate to it right now..