Tuesday, 26 August 2014


She is not how you see her, hell no! She is totally not what you all think of her. She just exchanged a smile with the guy and you reckon it's a big deal? Just because she had a bad experience with one guy, doesn't stop her life. Did it stop yours? She never forgot how to love or trust, and when you ask her why hasn't she learnt that having expectations hurt and trusting someone is worse. She'd say "I like people, I love to love, I believe there's some part of everyone that deserves to be trusted atleast for once." How could someone think so simple and logical and happily sound stupid to us?  Now that she is putting her trust in this guy, you call her hopeless. Alright, she puts her heart and love untimely, but she doesn't trust anyone enough to not ever break it. If she can take and accept the pain of someone who broke her heart forever, she can take anything you break of her. I have known her since she was young and silly, she is still young and silly, and she might be just old and silly tomorrow. But she won't ever choose to grow sensible enough to never love. She trusted one person after another, not because she couldn't go by herself, neither it's her way to hurt herself, it's just her way to discover herself, and learn about people, about you and me and most of all about love.

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