Sunday, 8 June 2014

You and I

Only if you never left,
Like the wind and the chimes,
You and I'd still be found together,
at someplace in hills
around the world,
sipping the oddest tea,
we find on the way.
with you clicking pictures 
of me and us
till I like one perfect.
You don't get for me, roses
or chocolates or any fancy.
I don't miss it a bit.
You crack  the silliest jokes
instead of telling 
that you love me,
and I laugh
harder than every last time,
looking away like every time.
So you don't tell me that
I have astounding improper teeth
and my smile is curiously odd.
Yet you do, like every time.
You don't tell me
what I mean to you, instead
take my hand and say
"I want to feel like this,
for the rest of my life"
Only if I never let you leave,
You and I'd still be found together,
like the sun and the shine.
But because
We parted like two countries,
to celebrate independence.
You and I
are now,
just You
and I.

1 comment:

Sukhman K Atwal said...

outrageously beautiful
One of those feelings when you're reading something and it gives chills down your spine