Saturday, 14 June 2014


With hopes and faith,
the life's sand and
water unerringly in ratio
mixed into first dorodango,
Put up the fortress
of your dreams,
sparse somewhere,
somewhere dense.
Crooked may be
like those crumpled times
you couldn't set straight.
Build it up, with
all goods and evils
within you,
high somewhere,
somewhere low.
Overlook the waves you see,
and the rain foreseen.
Raise it higher
like it's to stay 
for one eternity.
Place on the top, your
most precious shells of all. 
since no terror's worth 
missing the playfulness,
Paint it as vast 
as you fancy, before
you depart the beach of life.
For when you leave it lone,
A tide washes it away,

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