Saturday, 17 January 2015

Charms Now and Forever

It keeps me wondering
What fascinates more about it,
Curves or the steeps?
For it oscillates me
while driving my blue
and thrills my adrenal,
clambering the sheer trails.
What's more bewitching
Beauty or the wildness?
For the sight, I capture
in my vision gets me through,
and the viciousness
helps me resolve within.
What is more adorable 
Chills or the companion?
For gales cross my face
whispering the nature secrets,
and a caring shirt covers me
every time I take off my shrug.
What makes it more wanted
Tranquility or the memories?
For it soothes and heals
every wound out & in me,
and souvenirs with echoes
to be recollected for life.
It keeps me pondering
What is more loving about hills,
Everything or beyond?


Anonymous said...


Sukhman K Atwal said...

An eye-opener!
I love the comparisons, and to think of it, you write it in the spur of the moment
I am completely in love with your writings

Gaurav Aggarwal said...

Cnt xpess lyk u... Bt dere goes a supeklyl..!!:)