Monday, 13 February 2017

The tiny boats of time
along with slow autumn
will trail around with me
fleeing to fetch
an early summer.
You know how I feel
about unkind winters.
I will wait for you,
on the road to my askew ways.
In the affair of me
loving you to not knowing love
at all,
Promise me that you'll know
how I am out, roaming around
the trees and rocks and water
brimming myself with love I lack
to give it to you.
But I will never not need you
to guide me back, my love.
So just know,
thy fingerprints etched on my feet
shall usher you
to where I leave my incisions
for them to lead you
to me.
You see the downpours
on the way to where you look for me,
tell them that I have found
myself shores.
The sand on the beach will feel wet
with the tears that might be mine.
That's where I'll see you,
Because you will not find
any place further me.
But promise me,
you will look for me, twice
where I had left you.
Tell me,
Will you find me?
find me, where I wait for you.

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