Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In times too bitter
or too smooth,
From people and cities,
We'll run bare feet
to fetch the clouds
and drown the waters,
to find peace in plights
and chaos in calm,
You surrender
your hand to mine
and I'll hide
my heart in your soul.
You tell me
what galaxy does
to keep the sun there,
and I'll show you
how ocean holds the sky.
You halt time for me
and I'll keep an eye on age.
We'll dematerialize
in the intangibility
of heavenly landscapes
and in the beauty
of vast emptiness.
In the spell of
unraveling the less traveled roads
obsessing over hills and oceans,
breathing the uncivilized air,
or maybe, just
collecting shells on the shores,
We'll find life,
where no one lives. 

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