Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Someday, Maybe

Like one of those flimsy hopes 
that keep us going nowhere,
I secretly believe in coincidences,
and myths of a kind that
world is really a small place.
Like they show in movies
which spoil and grow on us,
that years from now
someday somewhere somehow
We'll find each other again
far away, in a third city
that belongs to neither of us.
I let myself hope that
we'll meet at a coffee shop
sited on a boulevard road,
ordering the same coffee
on a common counter,
Or we'll collide in rain
on a busy road with a hurried crowd 
and we'll find time to
look past to have each other's glance,
We'll be facing each other
in Coast Starlight, travelling
from Seattle to Los Angeles.
Maybe you'll look at me, 
maybe you'll still remember
how we dreamt of the train together,
maybe we'll fail to smile 
and realize how we never moved on
maybe we could blame time
for not being the right one,
maybe you'll reach to hug 
the emptiness out of me 
may be we'll find 
the long lost love,
maybe we could start over
and guide each other back home.
maybe we could try again,

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