Friday, 14 November 2014

That day.That moment.

So many years later
of ever working hours 
and invariably paid bills,  
of loving your own people,
unnoticed as ever,
the inherited goodness  
for no conviction, and
behind discrete kindness
for unworthy.
A day shall come, when
you'll stand in front of mirror
and look into the only pair of eyes
that matter,
there'll be a pale face, around
too-late-to-realize years old.
You'll smile test yourself, and get
the unhealed remains of your heart
the dead memories of good times
lingering on your lips.
A time shall come,
when out of nowhere
and nothingness,
you'll have yourself, knocking
at your own door
craving to move back
within you, baggage free.
You'll probably let 
the lost stranger from past in
and with no time, 
it shall fit like a puzzle piece
into the emptiness of a lifetime.

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